All About Life Coaching

Welcome to the online resource for Life Coaches and those considering having Life Coaching. You can get help to decide if Life Coaching is right for you, and what it can do for you. If you want to know about getting a life coach you can find out how. Perhaps you would prefer to learn more about what a life coach does and how life coaching works and coach yourself. Information and resources to help you is here.

I have been practising and earning a living as a Life Coach for 5 years, and my experiences and learnings are here for you. I have made mistakes, done good things, made good money and had periods when I couldn't find work. Becoming a Life Coach has been a journey of discovery, satisfaction, highs and hard knocks. I've met and worked with some great people, and some not so good.

Many people are considering a change of career to become a life coach. If this is you, you can read more about the background, skills and experience that life coaches have, and see if training to be a life coach is for you. You can find out about life coach training, and other associated training that may help you. Information about coaching professional bodies, accreditations and qualifications is also available from All About Life Coaching.

For Coaches or you if you are thinking about becoming a life coach or learning to be a life coach...

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The site is under constant development and update and more pages with more information about Life Coaching are being added all the time, so please bookmark this page now and make sure that after you have had a look around now that you come back soon.