Alternatives to Life Coaching

What other forms of help or assistance might you consider before committing to Life Coaching to achieve what you want: Here are some alternative forms of ‘intervention’ that might be worth looking into.

Disclaimer: I am not a medically trained practitioner. The information here is based on personal experiences, research and the input of friends, family and colleagues. If you are experiencing difficulties and you don’t easily satisfy yourself here that you can find what you want please seek professional advice. A good place to start might be your GP.
Counseling and Psychotherapy If you are feeling like you want to make a change in your life that involves the removal of emotional difficulties you might try therapy from a Counselor or a Psychotherapist (Counselors and Psychotherapists differ in the level of training and qualification that they are required to have. Psychotherapists are much more highly qualified than Counselors).

Hypnotherapy I have seen a hypnotherapist in the past to help me to give up smoking (yes, I gave up 18 years ago!). Hynotherapy helped me for about 3 months, but I have to be honest and tell you that I did start again - although only for 2 months more when I used nicotin chewing gum and sheer dooged self-will not to smoke that first cigarette, ever again. It's fair to say that the hypnotherapy was probably still having an influence in my sub-conscious even though I thought it was will-power at the time. So overall I would say that my experience was positive. I have also used MP3's from Hypnosis Downloads. They have a huge selection for all kinds of situaltions, phobia's and conditions. I like using products this way - for me it's easy, fun and really quite effective.

Medical Intervention including Psychiatry

I am not qualified to suggest whether medical treatment is right for you. My opinion would be, if you think you need medical help, you probably should go and see someone!

Self-Help Groups

Groups that meet in person and online. The online resources available include forums and communities of people who share your condition or situation. Do a google search and see what's available.

12 Step Programs

If your problem is an addiction, a 12 Step program may offer you the information, guidance and support you need. Here are a few:

Alcoholics Anonymous - UK
Alcoholics Anonymous - USA/Worldwide
Gamblers Anonymous - UK
Gamblers Anonymous - USA/Worldwide
Narcotics Anonymous - UK
Narcotics Anonymous - USA/Worldwide
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - UK
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - USA/Worldwide
Overeaters Anonymous - UK
Overeaters Anonymous - USA/Worldwide

There are more 12 step programs. Again, an online search should bring up alternatives for you.

Alternative Therapies

The choice of alternative therapies is huge, and quite confusing, as more than one therapy could be suggested for the same situation or condition. For example, if you want to reduce stress, become more positive, give up smoking, overcome an eating problem, deal with indeterminate fears, you could choose from a whole selection of alternative therapies, all of which may help. I suggest you try the Complementary Therapy Guide to help you decide what suits you.

Personal Development

Meditation, Self-awareness, home study. Sometimes you can coach or help yourself past your difficulty. I'm assuming here that your situation is really one where you are looking to improve your life from a reasonably acceptable situation to a better situation. If you are in really deep difficulties, I would almost always recommend you seek outside assistance from an expert.

There is certainly no shortage of books, tapes, home study courses, and other resources to help you. If you are the type of person with the commitment and aptitude the learn about and follow your own path to personal improvement and overcoming difficulties, then working yourself can be very rewarding, and very satisfying.