For Life Coaches

To become an effective Life Coach, you will need certain skills. You will also need to approach your work with a certain set of attitudes. It's worth confirming in your own mind that you are ready and able to go through the development you may need to equip you as a Coach. If you're not, don't bother.

You should also take on board that unless you work for someone else (and there aren't many Life Coach employers out there), you are going to be self employed as a Life Coach. That means you are going to have to manage all the aspects of your working like that you may not have had to concern yourself with. See the Life Coach Business page for what is really involved.

If you are considering whether to take life coach training and then become a life coach, this section will help you to understand the skills and training you will need to become a good coach, and to understand the working life and lifestyle of a life coach.

If you are already a Life Coach, you can get information here about life coach training and developing your skills, finding life coaching clients, and running a Life Coaching business.