Is Life Coaching right for you?

It’s worth considering whether life coaching is the right choice for you, or if some other form of help would suit you better. What are the kinds of things that life coaching is most suited to help you with? What alternatives are there, and when might the alternatives be a better choice? If life coaching is the right choice, are you ready to be coached and to get the most out of coaching? You probably don’t want to waste your time and money on life coaching if you are not going to get much out of it, and what you get from it will be up to you, as much - or even more - than it is dependant on your coach.

Generally, life coaching can be a good choice when you are looking to make positive change, if you want to move towards something.

When is Life Coaching unlikely to be right for you? Life Coaching is probably not the right approach for you if you need deeper psychological assistance or help from somebody with more professional or specialist training and experience. Examples of areas where Life Coaching is probably NOT suitable are:

Drug or Alcohol related problems
Paranoia and feelings of persecution
Social Anxiety Disorder
Addiction to Gambling, Sex or any other addiction problem
You indulge in any form of criminal activities

If any of these is true for you, whilst life coaching may help, it is unlikely to be the most effective help for your particular situation. If you want to look into any of these issues, you can look into the following organisations. Please note that these are my suggestions and not the recommendation of a medical professional. You may want to start by talking to your GP.