Life Coach Training

The arena of Life Coach training is very murky. There is no single recognised Life Coaching qualification structure that informs us how well trained a Life Coach is. There are no formal Government or Department of Education qualifications. Neither is there a mature and established professional association, self-regulated to control standards like there exists in Counseling and Psychotherapy (the UKCP or the BACP).

The CIPD have recognised that coaching provided in the workplace in a professional context - Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching and so on, is an area that needs some assessment and regulation. To that end they have published various useful papers and articles. In the professional context I am hopeful that regulation will develop and responsible professionals will eventually evolve a self-regulating professional association that warrants the quality of it's members. But despite claims by some existing companies and organisations there are not, as yet, any 'definitive' organisations or bodies that are of an equivalent standard to other areas of helping professions or professional services.

Indeed, many people and organisations have recognised the business opportunity in offering sometimes highly priced coach training and associated 'qualifications', and have brought training courses to market. These courses are offered in a range of delivery media from face-to-face residential courses, distance learning and on-line or CD based training. The quality varies enormously. Be warned! The cost of training is not an indication of it's quality! High priced (sometimes eye-wateringly high!) training is not always good training. Indeed, there is very good quality life coach training available at very reasonable cost, and sometimes even for free.

The style of the training could matter to you. Because of time contraints, and for the flexibility it offers, you may prefer a distance learning course. You may be the kind of person that likes to attend public courses with other people in groups. Whatever you choose, make sure the course has a mix of theory and practical - includeing some actual coaching, with feedback from a qualifies person.