What is NLP?

NLP shows you how the basic structures of how your mind works, and how to examine the strategies and methods you use to do things. So you can teach yourself 'how you work'! NLP also shows us how to change what we do - using the knowledge of how our mind works - into what we want to do or prefer to do. So by changing what is going on on the inside (our mind), we can change what is going on on the outside (our behaviour). This is why NLP is such a powerful tool for personal development.

NLP is short for Neuro Lingistic Programming (no wonder some people get put off!)
Neuro is short for neurology, the mind/body connection. Our neurology is the 'field' in which our mind and body operate. Every cell in our body is connected to our mind by our neurology, leading us to believe that mind and body are in fact, all one. Where is the boundary? Our neurology is the mechanism for reaction/response that drives our behaviours.

Linguistic indicates the importance of language, both verbal and body language, in both 'giving away' our emotional state and reactions/response to situations, and also influencing and determining our state, behaviour, beliefs and values that are operating at this time.

Programming refers to the means by which our neurology becomes 'hard wired' or 'programmed' to respond to external stimulus, situations and circumstances. Some of these programmed responses are useful to us (withdrawing from a hot flame for example), some are not so useful (responding to the present based on the past...). NLP works with the belief that we can undo these hard-wired responses and replace them with more useful ones.

NLP encourages us to be fully present in the moment, in resourceful emotional states fuelled by an awareness of 5 key resources:

A Desire to Learn
Fun and Humour
A Sense of Adventure
Curiosity about all things
Wonderment at all things

Who uses NLP? People Managers, Performance Managers, Consultants, Counsellors, Doctors, Interviewers, Lawyers, Nurses, Police, Salespeople, School Pupils,Change Managers, Life Coaches, Executive Coaches, Social Workers, Sports People, Supervisors, Teachers, Therapists, Trainers, Language Teachers, Writers....

How does NLP work? NLP offers us a reference framework and awareness to understand how we respond, decide how we choose to respond, and tools and techniques to change our responses.

What can NLP do for you? NLP offers:
ways to understand how you make decisions
ways to bring choice and flexibility into your life
ways to understand others better
discovery of your own 'programming'
tools to change your 'programming'
a structure for personal change that you can use for ever