What should you look for from your Coach?

There are some ‘givens’ that you can expect from a good coach:

Confidentiality: Your coach will not disclose anything about you whatsoever to anyone at all unless you explicitly request us to or they have asked you if they can and you agree.

Respect: Your coach will respect your right to whatever views, beliefs or opinions you hold to be true for you.

Recognition: Your coach will always try our best to understand your perspective of any situation and acknowledge the validity of your perspective.

Honesty: Your coach will always deal honestly and openly with you.

Professionalism: Your coach will always try to perform at their highest level when working with you and be as effective as they can be.

In terms of a coaching process, it goes something like this:

Your coach will agree our working terms: Fees, Time commitment, where you will work, how often and so on.

Your Coach may start by understanding what you would like to achieve from coaching, and may make suggestions of our own for you to consider.

First of all they may ask you if there is anything urgent that must be looked at.

From there you will look at setting goals, and prioritising them. Because you need to be motivated to achieve your goals your coach will likely introduce a structure to goal setting that brings in your values, and any beliefs that you may have about your capacity to achieve your goals. You will see if your goals conflict with your values and beliefs or each other, or if your beliefs and values support motivation to achieve your goals.

Your coach will then support you to turn your goals into action plans, and help you to examine how you will achieve what you want. If you have any blocks, your coach will support you to loosen them. If your blocks are of a deep psychological nature, and your coach is not qualifies to address them with you, then your coach should refer you to specialist help (see the
Alternatives to Life Coaching page).

Coaching is an ongoing relationship based on supporting you to get what you say you want. Your coach's aim is to help you to release your own resources to their fullest capability.

Oh, and along the way, you will probably have some fun!